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Follow our care and maintenance guide to make sure your laminate flooring lasts for many years. 

The laminate care and maintenance process

By following our care and maintenance guide and establishing a routine, your laminate floors will always look their best. Learn more about laminate tips and tricks below. 

Daily Care

Keep your floors beautiful and in great condition by sweeping about once a day and wiping up spills as soon as they happen. You'll find keeping your laminate floors in great condition is easy. 

Laminate cleaning tips | Fredericks Floor covering
Laminate Flooring | Fredericks Floor covering

Laminate Stains and Spills

When a spill happens, simply wipe it up in a timely manner with a cloth or a towel. If your spill persists, contact your floor manufacturer for an approved cleaning solution. If the spill is solid, sweep or dust it up. 

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